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Gencon - Kimono Panel

Gencon Kimono Panel

If you are going to be one of the tens of thousands of people attending Gencon this weekend in Indianapolis Indiana, you may consider stopping by our 'Kimono 101' panel. Gencon is the largest gaming convention in the world, and offers a diverse selection of panels and programming focused on related topics. You can attend workshops dedicated to launching your own RPG publishing company, to cosplay themed workshops such as our Japanese kimono panel. When: Saturday from 5pm to 6pm

Room: Lucas Oil Stadium, Meeting Room 5

Where: Gencon - Indianapolis, Indiana

This panel is our popular beginners panel for people new to Japanese kimono. In this panel we focus on helping to explain the basics and core concepts of good kitsuke and debunk common myths about Japanese kimono. We explain how to tell the gender of a kimono, how the genders wear their kimono differently, and why there are some differences between the genders. Midway through the panel we perform an informal Japanese kimono dressing using a yukata, demonstrating how they are worn and also that it is possible to dress yourself in a kimono. We encourage everyone attending to bring their own questions, and even bring any kimono they own that they may have questions about.

We are not selling at Gencon this weekend. You can however shop online with us 24/7 via our website where we offer a great selection of haori, yukata, obi, and more for sale.

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