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More Retro Kimono Photos

Recently we have been exploring Japanese advertisement for traditional kimono. In our private collection is a great variety of reference publications, many of which are from decades ago and make a get reference point for understanding trends in the various designs and styles expressed with kimono over the years. Previously we explored the Japanese publication 'The Magazine For Kimono #83' which was from the year 1973. With 279 pages total in this magazine we wanted to share even more examples of the beautiful full color photo content.

If you would like to view the first selection of photos and learn more about this vintage publication you can see more here: There is a dazzling selection of traditional kimono of various formalities within this publication: from furisode to houmongi and even yukata. A wide variety of accessories for traditional kimono are also shown ranging from zori to haori and even a nice selection of michiyuki. We hope you enjoy these colorful photos of retro kimono fashion. We have many more out of print publications to share with you that are in our private collection dedicated to researching retro kitsuke and wafuku.

Disclaimer: All rights reserved, we do not claim any copyright in regards to the images within the publications.

Vintage Authentic Japanese Kimono

A wide variety of wonderful vintage Japanese kimono, haori, michiyuki, obi and more are in stock in our online store. If you love the styles in this magazine take a moment to browse our selection. Our selection is made from a wide variety of materials ranging from wool and silk to easy to care for synthetic materials.

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