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Thanks for a GREAT MatsuriCon 2018!

Once more we were so excited to take part in Matsuricon 2018! We have been a part of this show for several years, and greatly enjoy how well run and polite the staff and attendees alike are. Located in Columbus, Ohio this annual anime convention includes everything from Japanese pop culture to more traditional themes including panels dedicated to wearing Japanese kimono traditionally and even lectures about Geisha. It was a delight to reconnect with so many of our long time loyal customers, and also meet so many new people! Over the weekend our travelling traditional kimono boutique offers a large selection of ready to wear vintage Japanese kimono such as stylish yukata and iromuji, haori and michiyuki, tabi socks alongside geta in various sizes, and more. While our kimono certainly were a popular seller and our kimono lecture on Saturday was well attended the surprising top seller of the weekend were our tentacle themed bags and umbrellas! In all we greatly enjoyed being a part of Matsuricon 2018 and hope to be back for Matsuricon 2019!

Here is just a small sample of the many photos shared with us over this weekend featuring the amazing people who make up our customers!

Many of our customers chose to wear their fashionable cotton yukata to the convention.

Not every customer wore kimono, but many rocked out Japanese street fashion.

We hit up Tensuke Market in Columbus, Ohio and picked up a great selection of exotic candies from Japan to share with out customers. Many people have enjoyed matcha kit kats, and were delighted to be able to sample the likes of the strawberry sunday kit kats from Japan as well as other sweet treats.

The tentacle umbrellas featuring our unique design were very popular and sold out.

This photo features just a small sample selection of the vintage casual kimono in stock at the show, and does not include all the yukata, haori and more formal Japanese kimono.

You can next visit our traveling Japanese kimono boutique filled with authentic kimono and more at the Michigan RenFest, Ramencon in Indiana, and the Kansas City Japan Festival! We look forward to serving you and promise we have a great selection of haori, juban, kimono, and more for all genders and ages in stock!

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