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Kimono Brand: Pretty Rock Baby

Pretty Rock Baby is a Japanese Fashion line that blends classic kimono fashion into modern new styles that touch on lolita and street fashion. Looking through this brands designs we feel so inspired to goth glam everything and step up our kitsuke game! From traditional inspired modern haori, to funky hakama style skirts this brand does a wonderful job blending old and new. Their new autumn line was just announced, 'Autumn Waltz' and preorders are now being accepted. We really love the range of colors selected in the line up, and enjoy the more modern approach to traditional looks. The hakama really stood out to us, as did the subtle accessories. We have to applaud their use of the sailor inspired accessories, the hannya mask, and traditional footwear in the form of tabi with geta and zori. We really fell in love with the cat haori, and encourage you to check out the photos below of their autumn line up. Pretty Rock Baby Website: Are you inspired by these designs? We have many similar items in stock that can be used to create your own fashionable statement that blends classic and modern Japanese fashion. Why not check out our haori and Japanese kimono selection for women?

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