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The Magazine For Kimono 1969 #64

As a part of our ongoing research into fashion trends and styles expressed with Japanese kimono over the decades, we have collected a large selection of vintage and antique books. These publications range in topics and style but ultimately all have a focus on the manner in which Japanese kimono was stylized. While the manner in which kimono has been worn has been pretty much the same for a lengthy period of time, there are notable trends in color preferences and even hair styles favored for wearing with kimono. Among the books in our private research collection is a series of publications called 'The Magazine For Kimono'. Each of these magazines is packed full of 200+ pages with lots of high quality glossy photo showing off various traditional kimono considered trendy at the time. Over time we are exploring each of these books, and are sharing them with you, so you too can sample kimono through the decades. This particular publication was produced in 1969, and is number 64 in a long line of magazines. This particular edition is not in production at this time to our knowledge, and is out of print. We greatly enjoyed going this this book and looking at the wonderful selection of kimono for sale. Tucked among the pages are also a selection of advertisements for kimono shops, and tailors.

Do these retro kimono inspire you? Check out our selection of Japanese kimono, haori, and more! Many of our goods for sale online are vintage and come from the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's! Be certain to watch our blog for other book reviews, and other examinations of retro traditional Japanese fashion.

All rights reserved, photos of this publication are being shared for review and research purposes only. We make no claim to the rights of the images within the publication.

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