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Halloween In Japan

One of our customers recently moved to Japan for work. While out walking through her new hometown she spotted something rather interesting. There was a storefront with a Halloween display up. It was not just any store front, it was the front window display for a local kimono store! She knew this would be something of interest around the world and snapped two photos to share with us. Thanks for thinking of sharing this with us Tryna!

With increasing globalization more and more cultures are sharing each others holidays. Halloween is not commonly celebrated or observed in Japan, and it only recently has begun popping up. This window display is quiet unique, if not exceptional. Not to mention, we simply adore the hanhaba obi with the pumpkins. Hopefully in the future Halloween and spooky inspired kimono, and obi will be more accessible. In the mean time, we offer spooky haneri ideal for adding a touch of gothic flare or a halloween statement into your collection.

Halloween Store In Japan

Japanese Halloween Kimono

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