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20% Off & More - Black Friday DEALS

Our Black Friday sale is our largest sale of the year! Everything site wide will be at LEAST 20% off. Additionally, we are going to hide some HIDDEN deals around on the site with limited supplies of select haori, kimono, and more as much as 50% off! To top it off, our Black Friday sale will go from Nov 22nd all the way through Nov 24th! Don't forget that most of our authentic Japanese kimono, haori, and more are one of a kind and once they sell out they are gone forever!

What about the hidden items? This year we are going to offer some great items for sale, but the link to these very limited goodies will be hidden on our website somewhere. This includes $2 tabi socks (80% off), $20 haori (up to 50% off), UV parasols for $15 (50% off) and even some mystery lucky bags! The links to these extra special sale items will be hidden somewhere on the site, and supplies are limited! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and happy hunting this Black Friday!

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