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Lace Kimono Under Collars

Japanese kimono are wonderfully easy to customize in ways that are still culturally respectful. While many people first consider the obi to be the main way to customize your kimono coordination, there is another aspect that is often over looked and is just as wonderful: your collar. We are excited to offer a fine selection of lace collars for wearing under your kimono. These lace collars are only a partial collar, and art easy to wear and comfortable. These false collars are put on the same way you put on a shirt, and are completely adjustable. Once on you then layer your kimono atop, and get an instant new and trendy look. This style is often compared to the more historical looks commonly found in the Meiji Restoration period, and are popular among people who also favor steampunk looks. The collars we offer are machine washable, adjustable, and affordable.

Even better these collars are perfect for customization: change out the buttons, add on additional lace, add on a bow tie, and more!

You can find our current selection among our Juban at:

Lace Kimono Collar

Lace Kimono Collar

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