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Kimono Fashion For When Its Cold

Japanese kimono can be worn all year long: from the heat of the summer, to the cold of winter. Often the way the colder weather is dealt with is by layering your attire. While many kimono include a juban under layer to help keep the inside of the kimono clean, it also is an additional layer of warmth. There is an alternative look that many people have been experimenting with in various kimono communities. We first saw this look on Instagram on a Japanese account that features a user who love experimenting with different looks outside of traditional styles. The look in question is pairing a hoodie with your kimono. typically how this look works is the hoodie is added under the juban, and then the kimono added atop the juban. However some people are skipping the juban with this look. This look is considered informal, and is great for when your rocking out a kimono at an outdoor event like a early spring festival, or convention. Check out these kimono hoodie photos, they were provided to us by Abigail Wilson. Also, we love her squirrel obi! <3

Kimono Hoodie

Kimono Hoodie

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