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New Yukata In Stock This Week

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Cherry Blossom season is upon us, and all over the world people are celebrating the annual return of the famous flowers. The Japanese term for the cherry blossom is sakura (桜). Did you know that there are well over 600 different types of cherry blossom trees? The different types of cherry blossom trees have different colors, petal shapes, and even bloom during different times. The cherry blossoms trees are famously a little tricky to predict, and the bloom typically lasts around 2 weeks. When the cherry blossoms do bloom it is commonplace for people to host a picnic under them, known as a Hanami (花見).

With so many Cherry Blossom Festivals happening all over the USA we are focusing on restocking our men's and women's yukata! Yukata are an informal type of Japanese kimono that are made from cotton, and are typically worn to informal social events like festivals. Yukata are considered by many the easiest type of kimono to learn to put on, making them great for beginners to kitsuke.

Additionally, we added a few more hanhaba obi to the site, all the better to build your own personal custom kimono coordination with. The majority of yukata added to the site this week are vintage, making them a little more budget-friendly than brand new yukata. If you wear one of our yukata to a cherry blossom festival, be certain to send us a selfie of you at it! We love seeing photos from our customers!

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