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This Week: Tekko

Tekko 2019

This week we are back on the road, and are excited to return to Tekko! Tekko is the largest anime convention in all of Pennsylvania, and is hosted by the Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society. This particular convention has a rich focus on Japanese fashion ranging from traditional kimono to lolita and street fashion. Our booth will include a full selection of Japanese kimono in a wide range of styles, sizes, and for all genders. Additionally we will have kimono dressing accessories such as koshihimo, datejime, eri shin, han-eri, and a variety of obi. A fresh selection of kimono such as furisode will be in stock. Website for more:

Location: David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Date: April 11 - 14th, 2019 While we are at the show, we are unable to ship online orders. After Tekko we have a several week break without any shows and will be focusing on our online store in that time.

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