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Need lots of Japanese kimono fast?

Over the years we have noticed that we are increasingly supplying bulk lots of Japanese kimono to a variety of people for many different purposes ranging from movie set costuming to resell stores. There are currently well over 6 vintage boutiques that offer traditional Japanese kimono, hand haori purchased from us bulk. We really love the idea of supplying the likes of the vintage and boho fashion movements with high quality authentic kimono and so we have made a quick and easy to access bulk wholesale kimono option for our online store. To check out our bulk wholesale kimono and obi options visit: Buy more, save more! This is a great way to get a larger number of authentic kimono for a variety of purposes: reselling, crafting, and even wearing. We plan on expanding this bulk selection option and encourage anyone interested to contact us with any questions they have in advance before ordering. Even better these orders enjoy FREE shipping.

wholesale kimono

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