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Japanese Summer Festival 2019 - Anderson Gardens

This past weekend we were excited to once more take part in the Japanese Summer Festival hosted once a year at the Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, Illinois. Every July this festival offers a selection of transnational Japanese entertainment including the likes of taiko, koto, awa odori, calligraphy, and more. If you ever have a chance to attend this event, we highly recommend it and feel that this Festival is largely an unknown gem tucked away in a world renown Japanese Garden. Adult admission is only $10, and includes ample entertainment for the day and admission to the garden grounds.

Since many of our customers around the world will be unable to attend this event we decided to share with you all some photos from this years event. If you get a chance, we highly recommend planning to attend the 2020 Japanese Summer Festival at the Anderson Japanese Gardens. Rockford is just outside of Chicago.

See you next at the Ginza Festival in Chicago this Aug 9th, 10th, and 11th!

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