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See you @ NyanCon this weekend!

Nyancon 2019

This weekend we are at NyanCon located in Kirtland, Ohio outside of Cleveland Ohio. With admission costing only $5 this is a great 1 day event to get your convention fix at, and enjoy a great selection of panels and shopping. Special guests include Brianna Knickerbocker, Samurai Dan & Jillian, Jessica Calvello and more. We will be teaching a kimono dressing panel for beginners. This panel is ideal for anyone new to wearing kimono, and anyone wanting a refresher on how Japanese kimono are worn. We will address in the panel sizes, genders, styles, formalities, and demonstrate kimono dressing live.

We will have with us a selection of haori, perfect for this time of year. Come on out and enjoy 1 epic day!

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