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Spooky Han-Eri For Your Kimono

Halloween is only a few weeks away, and with that in mind why not trick-or-treat up your kimono coordination some with one of our spooky han-eri? Our new han-eri are limited stock and so supplies are limited. These han-eri are made from machine washable cotton which means you can easily clean and care for them to insure that they will be loved for years to come. Han-eri are a decorative collar you attach over top the collar of your juban to protect the juban and your Japanese kimono from the natural oils on your skin, as well as any makeup. They are a simple accessory that does wonders to protect your investment into your kimono, and add a further personal touch to any coordination you create.

Han-eri for juban collar

Autumn is here, which means cozy book reading weather!

han-eri for juban

Fortunes say that you will look wonderful in this tarot card themed han-eri.

haneri for juban

Why not add a bit of elegance with this han-eri that features the han written pages of an old manuscript and botanical overlay?

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