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Kimono Corsets

Ties That Bynde and Ohio Kimono teamed up to create an epic limited edition series of hand made corsets featuring fabric sourced from authentic Japanese Kimono! Much of the fabric used for these kimono were sourced from luxurious furisode. Each corset is 1 of a kind, and made in the USA by a renown corset maker known for her quality. This weekend at Youmacon you can find these stunning 1 of a kind corsets at the Ties That Bind booth, which is located by the Ohio Kimono booth. Some of the kimono panels taken from kimono feature authentic shibori, and even hand-sewn gold thread embroidery. These corsets are certain to dazel anyone, and we are so proud to have supplies Ties That Bynde with the kimono for each of these unique corsets.

You can only buy these corsets in person, and they will next be at Youmacon 2019 in Detroit, Michigan. Optionally, you can contact the corset company via their website or facebook and discuss purchasing a kimono corset there as well.

Ties That Bynde Website: (corsets are not for sale here)

*Ohio Kimono does NOT sell these corsets, we proudly supplied the kimono fabric for them.*

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