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2024 Kimono Boutique Schedule

Updated: Feb 13

Kimono Boutique - Ohio Kimono

This year, we have some fun festivals and conventions. You can find our pop-up kimono boutique. Some of these events are free to the public and do not require admission. These events are the perfect chance to shop with us in person! At such events, you can expect a selection of brand new yukata to vintage and antique kimonos as well as a well-rounded selection of kimono dressing accessories such as himo, korin belts, obi ita, and more. Beyond traditional kimono, we have a whimsical selection of folding fans, parasols, tabi socks, and more.

2024 Ohio Kimono Travel Schedule (More pending, subject to change)

-Animarathon, Bowling Green, Ohio: March

-Akron Cherry Blossom Festival, Akron Ohio: April

-Fort Wayne Cherry Blossom Festival, Fort Wayne Indiana: May

-Kimono Festival, Michigan: June

-Matsuricon, Columbus Ohio: Sept

-Annual Open House, Toledo Ohio: Date Pending

We offer traditional kimono dressings with purchase.

Additionally, you can expect us to host kimono dressing workshops at the following conventions

-Anime Crossroads

-Who's Yer Con -Animarathon

-Gencon -Tekko


-and more!

We travel with a selection of authentic Japanese kimono in a full range of sizes, including a limited selection of authentic plus-size kimono and obi. Our yearly annual open house event will be in the autumn and will continue to be a 2-day event. When the schedule is finalized, we will be certain to announce the dates when finalized.

Like previous years, our largest kimono shopping display will be at the Fort Wayne Indiana Cherry Blossom Festival, as well as at the all-new Akron Ohio Cherry Blossom Festival! Both of these events are rain or shine and offer a wonderful family-friendly experience, with no admission required!


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