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300+ Obi In Stock - Weekly Restock

Spring is upon us, and with the start of a new year now is the chance to change up the look of your favorite Japanese kimono with an obi! Currently, in stock, there are well over 300 obi online looking for a new home to call their own. The breakdown on these obi is that there are over 160 hanhaba obi alone in stock on the site, which includes a whimsical selection of odori obi in the hanahab obi. Our fukuro obi come in second place, with over 120 fukuro obi in stock on the site. Of our nagoya obi, there are over 40 in stock and we are working to help boost those numbers from our warehouse inventory. For our men's selection, the kaku and heko obi have gotten some new additions as well!

Adding another obi to your kimono collection is a great way to mix up your look with your favorite kimono. By changing the coordinating accessories with your kimono, it is easy to create fresh and all new looks with your current wardrobe.

Here is a small preview of the latest vintage hanhaba obi added to our online selection. Hanhaba obi are an informal type of obi most often worn by women with casual kimono such as yukata. These types of obi are a favorite in the kimono community for their simple-to-wear styling that makes them ideal for beginners to kimono dressing.

This is a small teaser preview of the fukuro obi added to our site this week. These types of obi tend to be more semi-formal to formal in style. Included in our update this week are a selection of bridal-style fukuro obi in wonderful traditional designs. These kinds of obi are most often considered a little more complex to dress and wear, as they require additional accessories such as obijime, obiage, a makura, and more.


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