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Men's Obi Restock - Open House Oct 14th & 15th

This week, our restock of obi continues as we are working on expanding the online obi collection in our online store. Behind the scenes, there is a lot of work going into preparing the kimono warehouse for our annual open-house event. While sorting through all of our stock, we are finding a lot of unique and fun treasures that are being added to the site as we work through the inventory. Today, we added a nice selection of men's kaku obi in various color and styles. Some of the kaku obi are traditional, while others are fun and less traditional in style. Annual Open House - Oct 14th & 15th more details here:

Other obi have been restocked as well including our nagoya, fukuro, and hanhaba obi. If you plan on attending our annual open house event, you can order online ahead and pick up at the open house at no extra cost.


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