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Costume Team For Age Of Samurai Nominated For Prestigious Film Award

It is with absolute joy, and pride that we are announcing that the costume design team who worked on the Age Of Samurai is nominated for a prestigious Film Award in Canada: The CAFTCAD. The CAFTCAD is an award that is the Canadian equivalent to an Oscar award. Age Of Samurai was filmed and produced in Toronto, and the women who lead the team to make it possible was none other than Lyndsay Reader. It is with an abundance of delight that we learned this news, and can't express enough how excited we are to have helped make this production possible.

As we sit writing this exciting announcement, the Age Of Samurai has hit #6 on Netflix for global streaming. We would like to thank all of our customers who are watching this series and helping to promote it and make it the success it has become. In the coming days, you can expect more behind-the-scenes photos from us. Many of take kimono that were converted into kosode used in the series were beautiful period colors that were otherwise unseen due to the style of the film. thank you all for streaming this series, and for your support. We will be certain to announce on May 1st if Age Of Samurai took the award at the CAFTCAD, an award we will share in.


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