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Celebrate Spring With Yukata! RESTOCK!

Spring is upon us, and so it's time to shift our kimono wardrobe over to lighter-weight styles that will be more comfortable in the heat. This means it's time to pull out your yukata and rock your hanhaba obi in style! We are celebrating the first week of spring with a large restock of yukata for both women AND MEN! All this week you can look for waves of yukata to be added to our kimono store, all of which are directly imported from Japan.

If you or someone you know has never worn a kimono before, yukata are a great starting point. These informal kimono types have less rigid rules and allow for lots of fun experimentation. Because yukata are typically made from cotton or linen they are easier to care for than silk, and much more forgiving about getting caught in the rain, or dropping food onto them while eating at your favorite Matsuri.

Our selection of men's yukata is long overdue for an update, and a nice selection of men's yukata has been added to the site in a wide variety of colors and in traditional color styles. We have a great selection of obi for gentlemen in stock, making it possible to easily put together complete coordination for any gentleman. We have in our warehouse well over 100 other pieces of traditional kimono, haori, and juban for men waiting to be added to our online kimono store. Check out our men's kimono:

The selection of yukata added to the site for women include a great selection of traditional Japanese kimono motifs, including very popular designs such as white rabbits romping among flowers. There are well over 200+ women's yukata waiting to be added to our kimono store, so be certain to check back weekly for what is to come. Check out our women's yukata:

As always remember to check the sizes of the kimono, and more importantly to remember that most of the kimono are 1 of a kind and once they are sold out they are gone forever. Happy spring!


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