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Check out our latest kimono, and obi!

Every week we work on restocking the site with an all-new selection of authentic vintage and new Japanese kimono, haori, obi, juban, and kimono dressing accessories that we directly import from Japan. With autumn and winter growing ever nearer we are shifting our gears to once more focus more and more on kimono better suited for cooler weather. As fun and delightful as yukata are, they are ideal for the warmer weather that spring and summer months brings.

Thus far for this weeks restock we have added a number of lovely casual kimono to the site, obiage, flat and round obijime, as well as a number of vintage and new hanhaba obi. The juban we listed last week are already almost sold out, and were exceptionally popular, so much so that we will try and source some more juban in the near future. Juban are exceptionally popular for winter and autumn kimono attire, as they are worn under the kimono to not only protect the kimono from he natural sweat and oils on your skin, but also to add an additional layer of warmth. Kimono, when worn in layers, are rather warm, and even perfectly suitable to wear out in the cold of snow, something we have done a few times.

Due to covid it has been difficult to import anything in from Japan, and our selection of stock is ever-dwindling, all the same we have a lovely selection still left in our kimono warehouse. You might notice a change in some of our product display photos as we are experimenting with different photographic backgrounds to better highlight and show our products off.

The casual kimono listed include lined and unlined women's kimono, with full and half collars as well. The cooler weather that winter brings is a great time to really strut your kimono stuff and head out for a variety of activities. Something many people are unaware of is the spender and natural beauty of a Japanese garden blanketed under a layer of fresh snow. Though with going outside, be mindful if you are wearing silk as silk kimono do not like water. Water can and will stain your kimono. For outdoor events where you might get your kimono dirty we recommend a wool kimono or a kimono made from a synthetic like rayon or polyester.

Be certain to check back for more of our restock this week! As always we are working hard on getting caught up on all orders, and have almost reached our final 100% catch up point. As ways if you need your kimono, obi, haori, or anything us from us FAST we recommend using our rush shipping option at checkout.


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