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Coming Soon: Custom Yukata Designs & LARGE USA Sizes

Over the years we have encountered two major themes from our customers: a desire for larger sizes, and a desire for a wider range of themes and styles. Let's face it, many American's struggle to find kimono that will accommodate their body type and allow for traditional kimono dressings. Additionally, there are some designs and themes that are uncommon and highly desirable.

After years of research and work, Ohio Kimono has begun partnering with a company that can not only make us larger kimono but can also create kimono with our own concepts and designs used. With spring and summer just around the corner, it feels just right that we should begin down the road of creating and offering our own kimono line by starting with yukata. Yukata are wonderful kimono for anyone new to wearing kimono and are beginner-friendly.

To begin we have three designs in mind for the yukata: sakura and bunnies, constellations of the night sky, and an indigo-inspired floral arrangement intermixed among skulls. Only one of these designs would be considered more traditionally inspired while the other two are much more in line with modern tastes and feedback from our customers.

In the graphic below you can see the design concepts being proposed for these yukata. Ideally, these yukata will be larger than most Japanese sizes. To make the yukata easier to care for and be safer to wash in a machine, they will be machine sewn and made of lightweight cotton. To begin with, we will start with women's yukata, and if the interest is strong enough we will expand on the sizes, designs, and genders.

So, what do you think of the designs proposed for our yukata line?


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