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Dayton Art Institute: Samurai, Ghosts & Lovers

Samurai, Ghosts, and Lovers

This weekend we will be touring the all-new exhibit opening at the Dayton Art Institute. Talk about a perfect exhibit to wear a Japanese kimono at! During the colder months of this year, we highly recommend wearing a kimono with an interior lining, juban, and coordinating obi. Remember, Japanese kimono are worn in layers for added warmth and modesty. We plan on attending this exhibit on opening day, and we hope to see some of you there! "One of the outstanding series in the history of Japanese woodblock prints, Tsukioka Yoshitoshi's (1839-1892) 100 Aspects of the Moon is also the culmination of the artist's career. Issued as individual prints from 1885-1892, the series is a tour-de-force, combining diverse, striking designs with dramatic historical and mythical stories from Japan's past, including samurai warriors and court ladies. The prints depict heroism and humor, love and loss, mystery and magic, and linking them all is the presence of the moon. Together, they form a concentrated introduction to Japanese culture, including its history, aesthetics, music, literature and festivals.

A selection of works from the DAI’s Japanese collection, as well as local and national loans, including rare samurai suits, will further enhance the experience of these endlessly fascinating masterpieces of Japanese art."


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