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Exhibit - Kimono: Fashioning Identities

Kimono: Fashioning Identities

If you happen to be Japan at this time, or you will be soon there is a special exhibit you should take a moment to check out. This is the single largest exhibit every put together featuring authentic Japanese kimono and clothing dating as far back as the kamakura period, to modern kimono.

Reviewing exhibit document and guide as to what is on display offers a delightful tease and insight into how grand this kimono exhibit will be. Just look at this small section dedicated to historical women's kimono and attire for women of the samurai caste. Museum exhibits such as this one are an outstanding way to do historical costuming research and develop a deeper appreciation for Japanese culture.

  • 159 Furisode (Long-Sleeved Kimono) with Scenes of Falconry - From National Museum of Japanese History, Chiba

  • 160 Katabira (Unlined Summer Kimono) with Stately Gardens at Night - From National Museum of Japanese History, Chiba

  • 161 Katabira (Unlined Summer Kimono) with Falconry Scene of the Legendary Origins of Kajūji Temple - From Nara Prefectural Museum of Art

  • 162 Koshimaki (Summer Kimono Worn Draped from the Waist) with Plum Blossoms, Camellias, and Floral Lozenges-Filled Hexagons

  • 187 Furisode (Long-Sleeved Kimono) with Falcons on Freestanding Screens with Plum Trees - From Kyoto National Museum

  • 188 Kosode (Kimono) with Checkers and Kamo Shrine Horse Race - From Kyoto National Museum

Dates: June 30th, 2020 to Aug 23th, 2020

Where: Tokyo National Museum, Japan in the Heiseikan Special Exhibition Galleries

Admission: Advanced reservations are required due to covid concerns. Adult cost is 1,000 yen.

If you are unable to attend this event, you can learn more about the items on exhibit by visiting:

Over the years there have been a handful of kimono exhibits in the United States, perhaps someday a Japanese kimono exhibit as great as this one will someday grace our lands. The Chicago Museum of Art, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cleveland Museum Of Art, and more, over the years, have hosted Japanese cultural exhibits that include kimono.


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