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FREE: Han-Eri & Juban Workshop

Step-up your kimono game and better customize your own kimono coordinations to reflect who you are with this han-eri workshop! This FREE workshop will be hosted during the Ohio Kimono Mini-Matsuri event in June. Han-eri are decorative collars you sew onto the collar of a juban. This decorative collar protects not only the juban and kimono but also can make a really fashionable statement. This is a BEGINNER LEVEL sewing class and is good for all ages and skill levels. This is a hand-sewing project, and will NOT require any fancy equipment.

--Han-Eri Workshop @ Ohio Kimono Mini Matsuri--

  • Date: June 12, 2021

  • Time: 1pm est (in-person event during the open house, potentially live stream as well)

  • Facebook Event: (Ohio Kimono Mini Matsuri)

  • Supplies: Watch for free and learn, or bring your own juban and sew with us! We will provide you with a needle, thread, and a han-eri for you to attach to your juban for FREE!

  • Cost: FREE! Just show up. All you need is your juban.

  • This class is being taught by Robyn Mortiboys, who is driving in from Connecticut!

  • Workshop Difficulty Level: Beginner, no prior knowledge of sewing or kimono required.

  • About Robyn: Robyn Mortiboys started her kimono journey at the beginning of the pandemic last year as a way to be creative and explore a hobby she has long wanted to pursue. Her kimono style is influenced by the Edo and Meiji eras, with lots of stripes, plaids and Other geometric designs. She has been sewing off and on throughout her life, and when she’s not coordinating a kimono ensemble, she teaches yoga and paddleboard yoga in Connecticut.

  • Covid Protocols: Weather permitting this class will be hosted outside in open air. A table and a limited number of chairs will be provided. By the time of this workshop, Robyn hopes to be fully vaccinated.