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Fukuro & Hanhaba Obi Restock!

We are hard at work playing catch up with the online kimono store. In the past few weeks we have gotten feedback and requests, and we are working hard to give you all that many of our customers are asking for. This week a part of our restock includes a nice selection of ready-to-wear vintage fukuro obi, as well as a nice lineup of hanhaba obi in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Fukuro obi are ideal for formal attire and are most often paired with a furisode, and tomesode. Furthermore, depending on the color and design these kinds of obi are also often popular for wearing with bridal attire. Wedding season is almost here, and if you need a fukuro obi to complete your bridal attire now is the time to take a peek at our selection of fukuro obi.

Hanhaba obi are an informal casual kind of obi worn by women. These are most often paired with yukata, but they can also be paired with casual everyday kimono for a relaxed look. Hanhaba obi are favored by anyone new to wearing kimono because they are simple to learn, and do not require additional kimono dressing accessories. The rules of kitsuke for informal attire are more relaxed than formal ones, so hanhaba obi can be worn in a greater range of fun styles.

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