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Furisode & Yukata Restock!

By popular demand, we are working on restocking many sections of our online kimono store. With summer being here yukata are as popular as ever, and there seems to be a renewed interest in the beauty of formal kimono such as elegant furisode. Operations here are getting back to normal, and we have lots of plans beginning to get back into the swing.

Furisode are a highly formal type of kimono worn by younger unmarried women. These kimono are unique in that they have exceptionally long swinging sleeves, and are often rich in color with beautiful decorative accents that embody and symbolize youth and beauty. Furisode are some of the more complex and advanced kimono to learn to wear, all the same with some practice it is completely possible to be able to dress in a furisode without anyone helping you. Because of the formal nature of furisode, formal accessories are required to coordinate with them such as a fukuro obi and a special furisode juban. Fukuro obi are highly formal obi types and require additional accessories to wear such as a makura, and obiage. Zori with tabi socks are worn with furisode.

If a furisode is not your preference, there is always the delightful and casual yukata. Yukata are informal kimono most commonly worn during the warmer months of the year to casual social events such as festivals. Unlike furisode, yukata do not require many accessories and are great for beginners to learn how to put on.


Yukata are fairly simple to wear, and are meant to be comfortable. Since yukata are made from cotton, this makes cleaning and caring for them much more simple than a silk kimono. Yukata are worn by any gender, at any age. When we are asked by customers as to which kimono they should buy as their first-ever kimono, and what kimono will be easiest to learn how to wear, we always recommend yukata. A hanhaba obi is the kind of obi most commonly paired with a women's yukata, and a heko obi or kaku for mens yukata. Geta with or without tabi socks are worn with yukata.


Be certain to watch for many more upcoming updates and more work. Online orders are going out the door, and the online store restock is an ongoing weekly effort to list the newest of our delightful kimono selection for you to look at.


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