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Restock: Hanhaba & Fukuro Obi

No Japanese kimono coordination is complete without its proper dressing accessories! The most obvious of those accessories are obi, which are worn by both men and women. However, obi have genders, and even their own special accessories and formalities! Did you know that there are formal obi, which are known as fukuro and maru obi. Informal obi for women are known as heko and hanhaba obi, which are very casual in style. Men's obi tend to be fairly simple ranging from tanzen obi, to kaku obi. Regardless of gender for the formality of the kimono, there is a specific kind of obi that should be paired with it. This week we restocked hanhaba obi, kaku obi, and fukuro obi in our online Japanese kimono store. It has been some time since we restocked formal fukuro obi, so many customers who enjoy wearing kimono such as furisode and tomesode will be happy to know our selection has been updated.

Spruce up your favorite kimono and give it an all-new look with a new to you gently used vintage obi! Shop our furkuo obi:

Shop our kaku men's obi:


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