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Haori Restock! Sept 21, 2021

The past two weeks we have been busy restocking the website with a variety of items that have been in demand. We have recently restocked fukuro obi, men's obi, haori, and michiyuki!

The past two weeks we have had lots of beautiful vintage haori added to the site, perfect for autumn. Our vintage haori often come with their haori himo attached. A number of vintage ready to wear michiyuki have also been added to our restock. Michiyuki are ideal for wearing atop your kimono to protect it from getting dirty while traveling, or even while eating. Shop our selection of vintage haori and michiyuki online here:

Green Silk Haori


Red Silk Haori with real shibori

red silk haori

Vintage Michiyuki


Vintage Haori


Be certain to watch for our weekly restocks of authentic Japanese kimono, haori, obi and more added each week!


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