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Happy Hina Matsuri!

On March 3rd, 2021 we will be celebrating Hina Matsuri. Hina Matsuri (ひな祭り), which is Doll's Day or Girl's Day in Japan!

Our long-time friend Katrina Corron, who currently lives in Japan as a teacher, shared these photos from a Hina Matsuri display today. "These dolls are made by expert craftsmen and are part of an extensive display put on by Kasui Sai temple in Shizuoka prefecture every year." In particular, we love the shibori used to decorate some of the attire that the dolls are wearing. - with her permission here are her photos from the display for you to enjoy. Happy Hina Matsuri. does your family observe this holiday? If so, feel free to send us some photos of your own doll displays. The display features dolls fashioned in the style of period costuming most often associated with the Heian period of Japan, with the females most often dressed in the formal attire of the ladies of the Imperial Court. These beautiful long layered robes are not kimono, but rather are jūnihitoe (十二単, "twelve layers"), or more formally itsutsuginu-karaginu-mo (五衣唐衣裳). On special occasions, these ceremonial robes are still worn today by the women of the Imperial family for very special occasions.

Happy Hina Matsuri!


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