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Happy Tanabata (七夕) - Yukata Day!

Happy Tanabata Day - Yukata Day - Ohio Kimono

Happy Tanabata (七夕)! On the seventh day of the seventh month of every year in Japan the holiday known as Tanabata is celebrated! It is based on the Chinese legend of the celestial lovers, Vega and Altair, who are separated by the Milky Way and can only meet once a year on this auspicious day. In Japan, Tanabata is observed with great enthusiasm, particularly in cities and towns where colorful decorations and festivities take place.

One of the most colorful and iconic features of Tanabata in Japan is the display of bamboo branches adorned with colorful ornaments and paper streamers. These bamboo decorations are called "sasa" or "kadomatsu," and they symbolize the bridge over the Milky Way, where the two lovers reunite. The decorations often span across streets, shopping arcades, and public spaces, creating a captivating sight.

Due to the heat of the summer, and the fact that this holiday is celebrated at matsuri across the country yukata are most often the kimono of choice to wear to Tanabata. Because of how often yukata are seen at this festival, the festival has earned the title of also being yukata day. Yukata re still widely popular in Japan, and are the ideal kimono to learn how to wear if someone is new to the art of dressing in and wearing kimono.

To celebrate Tanabata and Yukata day, we listed a fine selection of vintage yukata in our online kimono store. Yukata are known for being easy to wear, lightweight, and comfortable. They also require the least amount of kitsuke kimono dressing accessories to wear as well.


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