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Improvements To Our Site - Ohio Kimono

We just wanted to drop a quiet note to let you all know we have made some minor improvements to the site that will help improve load speed, increase ease of navigation, and in all enhance the user experience. We have recently worked hard to strip out extra code from the site to help reduce load times, and have gone through and groomed the mobile version of the site to have better ease and flow on many mobile platforms.

Obijime and obiage once shared a page together. Due to the growing selection of obiage and obijime, we now have in stock we felt it was time to separate the two to their own unique pages to better help customers shop, find their products, and reduce the load times. Furthermore, obiage, obidome, and obijime have been moved into the obi category of the navigation of the site. So while customers are shopping for obi, they have quicker access to obi accessories.

We will continue to update and work hard to improve the site, and value the feedback from our customers that help influence our choices and changes.

Obiage - (URL will be changing soon)


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