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Japanese Bakery In Columbus, Ohio! Your perfect mini travel destination for Japanese culture.

When you think of the state of Ohio, Japan, and Japanese culture does not come to mind. But you would be wrong. In Columbus, Ohio there is a thriving Japanese shopping community with a world-class Japanese bakery, grocery store, novelty gift store, and more. This little community offers an authentic taste of Japanese culture here in Ohio, and is exceptionally budget-friendly with down to earth pricing. Among my customers who live in the area, it is one of their favorite places to go here for date nights, and even for kimono outings! So grab your favorite yukata, and join me as I do a review of this hidden Ohio gem. Belle's Bread in Columbus, Ohio is a world-class Japanese bakery that is beloved by locals. If you plan on being in the Columbus, Ohio area for work, family, travel, or even a convention like Matsuricon, or Ohayocon you need to set aside some time to stop here. Parking is free. Belle's Bread Japanese Bakery Offical Website:

Be certain to check the hours and days that this bakery is open, as they are restricted. That said, for the best selection of freshly baked Japanese goods we highly recommend showing up shortly after they open. It is normal for the bakery to sell out of their various delicious baked Japanese goods.

There is seating inside the bakery and ample outdoor seating as well. So grab yourself a delicious treat, and grab a seat.

In addition to food, Belle's Bread also offers beverages including a nice selection of freshly made hot and cold teas.

That said, Belle's Bread is located in a place some locals call 'Little Japan', and there are many other great Japanese stores in the same plaza that Belle's Bread is located. Keep in mind this gem of an establishment is tourist worthy, but is still a business. So when stopping in to check it out, be certain to bring a little bit of extra money to help support them with a purchase - you won't regret it.

TIP: The Nutella kitty snacks are amazing.


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