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Great Places & Japanese Festivals To Wear Your Yukata To - USA

Yukata are fun to wear!

Yukata are a popular traditional Japanese kimono for casual occasions, made of cotton pattern fabric. It is typically worn in the summer season and is perfect for attending Japanese festivals or other cultural events both in and out of Japan. Even better, yukata are among the easiest kimono to learn how to wear. Fortunately, there are several places in the USA where you can don a yukata and immerse yourself in Japanese culture. Here are some of the best places and Japanese festivals in the USA to wear yukata to for the 2023 year.

  1. Cherry Blossom Festivals - There are numerous Cherry Blossom Festivals that happen nationwide all throughout the spring. While the most well-known festival is located in Washington DC, there are countless other festivals larger and small all over the USA. On of the festivals we will be attending next is the Cherry Blossom Festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Even better, many of these festivals have free admission and it is very common for people to wear kimono to celebrate the sakura blooming.

  2. Nisei Week - Los Angeles, California Nisei Week is an annual festival held in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, and is one of the longest-running ethnic festivals in the United States. The festival celebrates Japanese-American culture and heritage and features various events, including a grand parade, cultural exhibitions, and martial arts demonstrations. It is held in August and is an excellent opportunity to wear a yukata.

  3. Sakura Matsuri - Brooklyn, New York Sakura Matsuri is an annual cherry blossom festival held at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in New York City. The festival features traditional Japanese music and dance performances, tea ceremonies, and various food vendors selling Japanese cuisine. It is held in late April or early May, and wearing a yukata is a great way to celebrate the arrival of spring.

  4. Japan Festival Houston - Houston, Texas Hosted in May this annual festival is hosted by the Japanese Society of Houston and has a wealth of entertainment and interactive activities for attendees. From bonsai displays to live music this festival has a great selection of entertainment for everyone.

  5. Bon Odori - Seattle, Washington Bon Odori is a traditional Japanese Buddhist festival held annually in Seattle's International District in the summer. The festival features traditional Japanese music and dance performances, food vendors, and a taiko drum performance. It is typically held in late July or early August and is an ideal place to wear a yukata and join in the traditional Japanese dance.

If this is your first time wearing a kimono to an event, yukata are the perfect kimono for any beginner to learn how to wear. Wearing a yukata is a fun and unique way to immerse yourself in Japanese culture. With these festivals and events, you can wear your yukata and participate in various cultural activities, taste delicious Japanese cuisine, and meet other enthusiasts of Japanese culture. Make sure to mark your calendars and attend one of these events to experience the beauty and elegance of the yukata for yourself. If you do not see any events on this list near you, we recommend going to Google and start searching for a wonderful event near you.


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