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Japanese Haori - Restock Feb 18, 2021

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

It has been an exceptionally busy week here! While we are snowed in we have been working hard to restock the website. Today alone we added 20 more vintage haori from Japan to the site. Haori are a popular seller at the moment due to the excitement building for spring. Haori tend to be most popular in the spring and fall when the weather demands a light jacket, but not a heavy full-blown winter coat. With how easy it is to wear Japanese haori they are ideal for all ages, and even most body types and gender expressions.

Today we hosted a life Facebook stream on the Ohio Kimono Facebook page in which we opened up two boxes of our latest shipments, showing customers in live time what each unique shipment from Japan has inside. Ranging from antiques to vintage the selection of authentic haori and kimono we unboxed was wonderful. You can follow Ohio Kimono on Facebook here:

Here is a quick look at the 20+ haori we have listed on the site today! In total this week we have added 70+ unique items to our online kimono store. So now is a great time to go browsing if you have not done so recently because many of these items are selling out in as fast as 5 mins in two cases.

Visit our selection of haori:

There you have it! We hope you have enjoyed the great selection of kimono and haori added to the site this week! There is lots more inventory in our kimono warehouse to go!

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