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Japanese Kimono - Black Friday Restock!

We know a lot of you are excited for our annual Black Friday sale! To top it off, we worked well into the night to add 20 more Japanese kimono to the site, bringing this week's kimono restock to 80+ items added to the site! Haori, kimono, obi, obiage, obijime, and more were all added! Additionally, we plan on adding a few more goodies during the day throughout Black Friday for you guys to enjoy! That said, a number of the Japanese kimono added to the site tonight are LARGE.

The kimono restock is already live on the site, and once midnight hits they will all be 20% off! We added informal and formal kimono alike, offering a nice mix of lined kimono worthy of your best KimoNovember selfies! Among the kimono added to the site are a number of lovely silks that are simply delightful to touch, and whoever buys them is in for a treat when they get their kimono in the mail.


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