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Join us for Ohayocon 2021 - ONLINE! FREE ADMISSION!

Join us for Ohayocon 2021 - Online!

Admission: FREE! This online con is 100% free and you can attend it from home!

Discord: (free program)

Date: Jan 22 - 24, 2021

During the con there will be an exclusive Ohio Kimono discord channel where you can chat with us live, and even join in on the Ohio Kimono voice chat in discord to talk about kimono and ask questions!

Ohio Kimono Schedule For Ohayocon Online

  • Daily - LIVE Personal Shopping Help: 2pm to 8pm , get person 1 on 1 help with your online kimono shopping in voice or text chat in discord.

  • Friday, Jan 22 @ 8pm EST - Kimono 101! Learn about the basics of the Japanese kimono and get a solid foundation to begin your kimono journey with. We will explore how the genders wear their kimono differently, how to size yourself for kimono, and more. This will be hosted in the voice chat and will be a voice discussion.

  • Facebook Event:

  • Saturday, Jan 23 @ 8pm EST - Common types of Japanese Kimono! There are many different types of Japanese kimono! We will explore common types of kimono people typically wear, and discuss the importance of proper accessories to match with those kimono types as well as formalities.

  • Sunday, Jan 24th @ 2pm EST - Kimono Accessories! To wear a kimono in a culturally respectful way that observes Japanese standards and traditions the are many accessories involved. We will discuss and explore various types of accessories most typically found and used with Japanese kimono.

You can attend these virtual workshops FOR FREE! Just join the discord chat and go to the Ohio Kimono vendor chat channel ( Please make a point to be on time so you don't miss out!

See you this weekend online at Ohayocon 2021!


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