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Get ready for autumn with Juban!

Summer may still be here, but the last days of sunny warmth are coming to an end. IT's almost time to hang up your yukata and begin shifting over to your other casual kimono types. For many of us who love wearing authentic Japanese kimono the cooler weather brings much welcome relief. Let's face it, wearing a lined kimono with a juban in the summer heat is not a great experience, even if you do happen to have a to own a ro coordination.

To help you get ready for wearing kimono during cooler weather we decided now was the perfect time to restock our selection of vintage juban. The restock includes a nice selection of unlined juban, and even one juban for use with furisode. When shopping for your juban don't fret if it does not have on it a han-eri! We have a nice selection of cotton machine washable han-eri ready for you to attach to your juban collar.

As if adding juban to the site was not enough to help you get ready for autumn, we also added three furisode, two of which are a beautiful autumn orange. Furisode are kimono worn by younger unmarried ladies which feature exceptionally long swinging sleeves.

You might be wondering where you can wear your kimono during covid lockdown we have a hot tip for you. If you are eager to show off some of your kimono skills, and find others who are also passionate for traditional Japanese culture be certain to check out the virtual San Francisco Osaka Matsuri! This epic online virtual event will provide anyone with ample excuse to wear their own kimono while at home, and better yet it is free to attend! You can register online at:

You can expect even more work and updates for our online store this week. We are still working hard on getting caught up with all the online orders we have gotten, and appreciate everyone for their patience as we work hard to keep our kimono store updated, and ship everyone's order as swiftly as possible.


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