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Factory Direct Kimono Dressing Accessories! NEW Partnership!!!

After a lengthy search, we are proud to announce that we have finally settled on a company to provide us with kimono dressing accessories such as makura, and erishin! While there are many options on the market, we wanted to make certain that we were working with a Japanese factory and company that is engaged and involved in the kimono industry in Japan. Today our first shipment arrived of kimono dressing aides! Our first shipment was made up of brand new, direct from the factory makura, erishin, and obiita. The makura, in particular, are exciting, as we not only got in a standard pink makura style but we also ordered in sugata makura. These kinds of makura are increasingly popular for use with shorter obi. Each and every single item we are getting from this company is brand new, mint condition, factory direct from Japan. As we get feedback from customers, our intention is to order in an even larger selection of accessories to meet various unique needs. You can check out all of our kimono dressing accessories such as makura and erishin here:

Brand new ready to wear makura in more standard sizing.

Below is a sugata makura, ideal for using with shorter obi.