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Kimono Dressing Workshop @ Gencon 2022

If you are going to Gencon 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana this year you are in luck! We are hosting a 1 hour workshop dedicated to teaching the core basics of wearing a Japanese kimono in a culturally respectful way. This workshop is designed to touch on the core foundations on Japanese kimono dressing, some history, and concepts like gender expression with kimono and kimono formalities.

Gencon 2022

Game ID: WKS22219111 Online Event & Registration Info: Location: Westin : House Date: Aug 5th, 2022 Time: 5pm In this workshop there will be a live kimono dressing, teaching the core basics on how to dress yourself in a kimono. We are not selling at Gencon, and are only hosting a beginner-tier kitsuke workshop. See you there! Due to Gencon, we will be under a shipping delay.


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