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Kimono Restock - Feb 15th, 2021

Our latest restock includes a wonderful selection of haori just ready to be added to any spring wardrobe! Spring is almost here, and that means there will be a seasonal shift in the way we were our kimono and other attire. Haori makes for delightful if not trendy spring worthy jackets, as they are lightweight enough to layer comfortably and warm enough to provide protection from the elements. Even better, many of the haori we have in stock are unique vintage finds, and offer one of a kind fashionable statements.

You can check out our latest selection of vintage haori added here:

In addition to haori, we also have added a nice selection of authentic Japanese kimono that range from casual everyday attire in lined and unlined styles to formal silk kimono worthy and ready to be worn to a spring wedding or other formal function worthy of a kimono. As of late, there has been an increased demand for iromuji, and even a perked up interest in edo komon. With the recent increase in interest in iromuji and do komon we will be adding additional listings of these semi-formal kimono to the site soon! To better help our customers with their increased interest in semi-formal kimono, we have grouped iromuji and do komon on the site to their own category. You can visit this new category here:

Our latest listing of traditional casual everyday Japanese kimono for women can be found here:

This week we plan for a larger than usual restock to the site, which will bring lots more men's juban, men's haori, women's juban, and even some furisode. Be certain to check back throughout the week to be among the first to see our latest imports from Japan. Don't forget to send us your selfies and photos that you want to share! We love showing off our customers, and will gladly feature you on our social media! You can follow us on Facebook, and talk with us there as well as see restocks and other company news!


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