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Kimono Restock - Haori & More!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

It's weekly restock time! Please pardon our lack of updates to our kimono blog, which gets emailed to everyone! Things have been very busy here and we are working hard behind the scenes to keep up with the pace of orders. This past week we updated the site with a great selection of beautiful haori, hanhaba obi, yukata, and casual Japanese kimono. If you have not taken a moment to browse the online kimono collection now is a great time to do so! On the site there are over 135 haori listed in stock for women alone, with many more waiting to be added!

Haori are really popular this spring. Each our of authentic haori are directly imported from Japan, and come in a wide selection of colors, sizes, and styles in ready-to-wear condition. Even better, when haori come to us with their haori himo attached we leave them in place so that you don't have to purchase haori himo separately.

Check out our latest haori:

If haori are not what you are looking for, be certain to stop by and check out the obiage and hanhaba obi as well! In the coming days we will be adding lots more to the site, and will continue to work over time to keep up with shipping out a high volume of online kimono orders.

Check out our latest hanhaba obi:

Check out our latest obiage:


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