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Kimono Restock - Jan 11, 2021

New year, new kimono time! The holiday shopping season was an extremely busy one for us, and we are working hard on catching up with all the online orders, and also with restocking the site! This week we took a long hard look at the areas of our site that desperately need restocking the most and we are focusing on padding out and better expanding upon our online kimono store. From haori and haori himo, to yukata and furisode there is a fairly impressive lineup in the works!

Among our most popular selling are haori, which are ideal for wearing in cooler weather as a fashionable jacket. Imported directly from Japan our haori come in a wide variety of styles and materials. Best of all haori are simple to wear, and straightforward without needing additional accessories to put on. They look great paired with modern European styles as well such as when worn with a dress, or pants and shirt. Here is just a small selection of our vintage ready-to-wear haori added this week, with many more to go waiting for in our Japanese kimono warehouse!

Orders placed during the holidays are still being fulfilled, and we had added extra work hours and days to our schedule to help process orders as swiftly as possible. All this week there will be updates to the site and with spring just around the corner, we are looking more and more at getting our yukata restocked and ready to go for warmer weather! After all, the cherry blossoms will be blooming soon!

Check out our vintage haori and authentic kimono!


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