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Kimono Sale! Stock up and Save!

How better to kick off the arrival of autumn and the start of cooler weather than with a sale on our casual women's kimono! Our selection of vintage and antique kimono are in ready to wear condition and will ship from our location in Ohio! We have a large selection of styles, colors, and sizes in stock, with over 130 vintage kimono listings to pick from!

When picking a kimono if you intend to wear it, don't forget that a lined kimono will be more warm than an unlined kimono. For loungewear, lined kimono are popular because they are commonly lined in silk. Whatever the purpose of your kimono purchase, the most important thing is that you love it.

So stop by our autumn kimono sale and grab the kimono you have been looking at! All of them are now marked 15% off. This sale ends on Sept 5th, 2023! So, time is short. Our kimono are typically 1 of a kind, so once a kimono sells out, it is gone forever.

Also don't forget about our upcoming Annual Open House event this October!


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