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Kimono & Yukata Restock!

This week has been a busy one! We have been catching up from having been on the road for Gencon and Matsuicon, and are working hard to get online orders shipped out. That said, during the same time we are overdue to add a lot of stock to the online Japanese kimono store. With the heat of summer drawing to a close, and the promise of cooler autumn weather arriving soon it is now time to shift toward lined and unlined casual kimono. It has been some time since we really worked on expanding our selection of casual kimono, and it is now time to do so!

This week we added a good number of juban, casual kimono that are lined and unlined, and a few yukata to the site as well. In the lineup are a wonderful of antique silk kimono, brand new yukata, and ready-to-wear vintage kimono. There is a handful of larger sizes also listed in stock. All of these are in ready-to-wear condition and will make a fine addition to any kimono collection.

Here is a small preview gallery of the many wonderful authentic Japanese kimono added this week! There are many more to go! When shopping for your next kimono, remember that our inventory is often one of a kind and once it has sold out it is gone forever.


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