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KimoNovember 2020 Round-Up

Every year the month of November is celebrated by the kimono community as a chance to practice your kimono dressing skills. Globally people celebrate kimono by dressing themselves and sharing selfies with one another on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media communities. Many of our own customers take part in the KimoNovember Challenge some of which they are doing for their first time ever.

It is so exciting to watch our customers grow in their knowledge of kimono and how kimono are worn traditionally. Regardless of age and experience, KimoNovember is about sharing your passion for Japanese kimono with the global community. Among the various customers who shared is the person we would like to shine a spotlight on. This young lady purchased her first-ever kimono from us, and right away dove headfirst into practicing how to dress herself in yukata, even tying her own obi. She serves as a shining example of how anyone can learn to wear kimono regardless of age.

In addition to this customer, there were many other lovely submissions for KimoNovember we saw and wanted to share with you all. There was a pretty wide selection of posts on social media, however, a few of them stood out and we asked for permission to share them with you all. If you posted as a part of #KimoNovember and we missed it feel free to let us know and we will be happy to feature your kimono selfie as well!

Huge thanks to everyone who made our annual Black Friday sale a smashing success! Already 40+ orders are shipped,w ith many more to go! This week we are focusing on packing up orders, but will also be doing some restock of our Japanese kimono and juban.


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