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Pride Month Artist Focus: Midori & The Japanese American Historical Society

All this month the National Japanese American Historical Society is hosting LGBTQ+ focused exhibits as a part of their observation of pride month. Included in these exhibits are works by the renowned artist Midori, who is unto herself worthy of attention and praise.

Midori is a well-known Japanese American LGBTQA+ educator, who makes powerful statements with her impactful performances about racial identity, and with rope art. You can view one of her performances at the Seattle Erotic Festival below. This powerful highlight video of Midori's politically charged performance "Kimono 2: What We Wear" . Over the years we have been proud to support this artist and her performances, having gifted a number of kimono to Midori to support her influential art.

Website For More Info: Address: Location: NJAHS Peace Gallery, 1684 Post St, San Francisco CA 94115


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