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Ohio Kimono - On Set With Netflix Age Of Samurai

In 2019 we were contacted by Cream Productions in regards to an exceptional opportunity. We were asked to supply costuming, and knowledge for the Netflix series 'Age Of Samurai'. This Netflix series is based on the high drama surrounding the unification of Japan during the Momoyama period, into the Edo period. Give that modern kimono do not accurately reflect the period styles there was a need for taking modern kimono and converting them into more of a period ready kosode. This meant that we were needed to not only provide information but also help sew. Deadlines were exceptionally tight, and by the time contracts were signed there were only four working days until filming began. So we quickly compiled a bunch of notes on historical costuming from the Momoyama period, loaded up a lot of modern kimono, and then drove out to work on set to assist with costume creation, design, and construction. The end results were period-inspired costuming, with some creative twists. From hakama for Samurai and antique wall scrolls to modern kimono to be converted into period kosode our products are all throughout this series and when it airs on Feb 24th, you can expect a break down on costuming from this series.

Netflix The Age Of Samurai: Battle For Japan will soon be released for all subscribers to watch on Feb 24th, 2021. Visit the series on Netflix: - Be certain to check out the wonderful armor featured, which was crafted by none other than Iron Mountain Armory, who also made our own gold suit of Samurai Armor!

In the near future, we will be releasing some of our historical costuming research and notes provided for the Netflix series, as well as behind the scenes photos of this exciting project.


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