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New Year Restock - Haori & More

We are busy celebrating the New Year by restocking the site with a wonderful and whimsical selection of vintage kimono and haori in ready-to-wear condition. The holiday season was rather busy for us, and our selection on the site was really popular this year, as a result, the selection of authentic kimono such as yukata and furisode was lower in stock. Looking over our selection of real kimono and more we are busy restocking the most popular products we have.

Kicking off the New Year right we are adding lots of great vintage haori and even some beautiful taisho-era antique kimono. We are all caught up shipping-wise from the holiday season and are ready to ship orders with speed. In the coming weeks, we have some exciting announcements about festivals and conventions this year that customers can visit us in person at.

Check out our latest vintage haori restock -

Check out our casual women's kimono restock -


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